Komodo Tour From Bali 3 Days 2 Nights - Komodo Rinca Tour

Komodo Tour From Bali 3 Days 2 Nights is a complete package which cover most of the whole travel destination around Komodo National Park and Labuan Bajo such Rinca Island, Pink Beach, Padar Island, Komodo Island, Batu Cermin or Mirror stone cave.

Komodo Tour Package has provided the whole things which cover on this tour package such as all hotel transfer in Bali, all hotel transfer in Labuan Bajo, roundtrip ticket Bali To Labuan Bajo, lunch, dinner, breakfast, ticket to Komodo National Park both in Rinca Island and in Komodo Island. Komodo Tour From Bali 3 Days 2 Nights will accommodate your trip 1 night on the boat and 1 night at the hotel in Labuan Bajo, on this journey we will also provide snorkeling equipment to support your trip to enjoy the underwater view of Komodo National Park solely at Pink Beach as the snorkeling spots we choose on this trip..

The interesting places to be visited during 3 Days 2 Nights Komodo Tour From Bali: 

Kelor Island

Kelor Island is situated in Flores, West Manggarai Regency. This location is ideal for vacationers who wish to spend time with their spouses because it has a romantic ambiance. Your eyes will be spoiled by the captivating natural splendor of this location. Mountains, beaches, and underwater scenery are all beautiful. You can appreciate this location in peace because it is still considered to be relatively vacant of visitors. Here, you may unwind and clear your head of the city's activity that has overloaded it. There are numerous breathtaking natural areas that would be a shame to miss. Photographers will find plenty of fascinating locations to make items in this location. With its white sand beaches and modest, transparent waves, this location appears to be picture-perfect. With its white sand beaches and modest, transparent waves, this location appears to be picture-perfect.

Rinca Island

One of the islands in West Flores and the original habitat of the Komodo dragon is Rinca Island. The world has declared Komodo dragon habitats on Rinca Island and Komodo Island to be protected. The geographic features of the two Komodo dragon habitat islands differ from one another. Whereas Rinca Island has more savanna and Komodo Island has more forest. From Labuan Bajo, Rinca Island may be reached in two hours. Naturally, a boat must be used for the journey or a daily boat must be rented in Labuan Bajo. Rinca Island is closely protected by the government as it is the original home of the Komodo dragon and the focal point of the Komodo Island National Park. This island is 190 km2 in size. The locals on Rinca Island are not frightened despite the presence of this old dragon species. On this island, there are at least 2 communities, each having a population of about 1000.

Padar Island

In addition to Komodo Island, Padar Island is Labuan Bajo's primary travel destination. Tourists must ascend roughly 818 stairs in order to appreciate Padar Island's splendor. In the first 100 steps, Padar Island's splendor will start to become apparent. By the time you reach the summit, any fatigue you experienced while climbing will be gone. On every island in this area, visitors may observe the clear blue water and lush greenery. Tourists can indulge in their interest of capturing images of the natural world here. The fact that smoking is not permitted in this area and that it is kept immaculately further contributes to Padar Island's charm. By the time you reach the summit, any fatigue you experienced while climbing will be gone. On every island in this area, visitors may observe the clear blue water and lush greenery. On every island in this area, visitors may observe the clear blue water and lush.

Pink Beach

When we talk about the Pink beach, this popular destination is frequently associated with the beauty of the sand dunes that line the shore. Of course, we frequently come across typical items like the gleaming white sand and the sharp black sand along the sea. Have you, however, ever been to a beach with pink sand? As its name suggests, Pink Beach is a popular tourist spot in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, known for its exquisite pink sand. Many local and international tourists have been seduced to visit the island recognized for being home to thousands of Komodo dragons by Pink Beach's distinctive pink sand and blue sea water. According to legend, microscopic creatures called foraminifera, which give the coral reef its red hue, are what give the sand at Pink Beach its pink hue. The pink tint of the beach sand is a result of the coral reef fragments that were smashed by the waves dissolving.

Komodo Island

One of the Komodo National Park areas overseen by the Central Government is this island. Administratively, this island is a part of Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara Province's West Manggarai Regency, Komodo District. The westernmost point of East Nusa Tenggara Province, which borders West Nusa Tenggara Province, is Komodo Island. Komodo dragons thrive and reproduce successfully on Komodo Island. There are around 1300 dragons on this island as of August 2009. Their combined population totals reach about 2500 when combined with those of nearby islands like Rinca Island and Gili Motang. Not counting the region of Komodo National Park, there are also about 100 Komodo dragons in the Wae Wuul Nature Reserve on the Flores Island mainland. Aside from Komodo dragons, this island is home to an exotic flora of different sepang wood, which the locals use as dye and medicine.

Manta Point

Manta Point is an interesting tourist spot on Komodo, Komodo Island, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. In this tourist spot you can enjoy a holiday in the open sea while snorkeling or diving and chatting with rare aquatic animals. Enjoying a vacation on the high seas while snorkeling or diving and chatting with rare aquatic animals may be one of our dreams, especially for those who really love nature tourism. In Indonesia, there is a water animal tourism spot that is protected so that it does not become extinct, namely Manta Point Labuan Bajo. This tourist spot is located in East Nusa Tenggara and is a destination for local and foreign tourists. This charming and exotic tourist area not only has a diversity of marine ecosystems but is also complete with land ecosystems that are no less interesting. Here visitors can dive in the sea while chatting with manta fish.

Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar is a very unique destination in Labuan Bajo. This tiny island only contains clusters of charming white sand. Its small and curved shape makes it even more unique. Moreover, you can only see it if the condition of the sea water is receding. Not only the white sand is charming, Taka Makassar is also the place with the best snorkeling and diving spots in Labuan Bajo. This tiny island is surrounded by coral which is a paradise for underwater biota. You will find various anemones, microbes, crabs and other small marine animals. Coral reefs in this area are also very well preserved. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed when snorkeling or diving in the vicinity. Even though its presence is only when the sea water recedes, its presence is highly anticipated. So, tourists can definitely take the time to go to Taka Makassar after or before going to Komodo Island.


Ever heard of Menjerite Island? This tourist object is a group of islands and beaches in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. The location of Manjarite Island is very close to Kelor Island. In fact, from Labuan Bajo, Manjarite Island can be reached by boat in less than an hour. Usually, Manjarite Island is visited by tourists who want to enjoy the underwater charm of East Nusa Tenggara. The beach on Manjarite Island is relatively calm, so it is perfect for novice divers. Because the water depth ranges from three to eight meters, you can see a variety of marine life from above the surface. If you want to explore further, you can do snorkeling to enjoy the charming underwater world of Menjerite. You can meet a variety of ornamental fish, various colored corals, dory fish, clown fish, rabbitfish, barracuda and angel fish. If you are satisfied with enjoying the underwater charm, so time to relax.

Kalong Island

One of the islands in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, is Kalong Island. It draws in a lot of tourists, both domestic and foreign, due to its extraordinary beauty and charm. Kalong is the Filipino word for bat. There are lots of bats on this island, which is why it is called Kalong Island. Tourists can see a group of bats flying around at night in search of food. The sunset has a captivating quality that is breathtaking. Don't let your visit cause you to miss this opportunity. The presence of bats is what makes Kalong Island distinctive. Due to the island's continued natural state, a large variety of bat species can be found here. The number is thought to be in the tens of thousands. The scenery at Labuan Bajo is renowned for its beauty. You may also take in the splendor of the afternoon sunset on beautiful Kalong Island. The charm of the sea on Kalong Island is no less striking.

Puncak Waringin

Want to relax while enjoying the beauty of Labuan Bajo from a height? This place is the answer. Yes, Puncak Waringin is at an altitude of 45-54 meters above sea level. No wonder you can see most of the Labuan Bajo area. Even before it was laid out, this place has long been a favorite place for tourists and local residents to enjoy the beautiful sunset. The area that has just been arranged is one of 30 tourist destinations and villages in Flores, Lembata, Alor, Bima (Floratama) which are included in the travel map of the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority Executing Agency (BPOLBF). In the past, even though it presented beautiful views, this place could be considered quite dangerous. Thankfully, now along the Puncak Waringin area, guardrails have been installed so that visitors can safely and comfortably enjoy the beautiful sunset in the sea of Labuan Bajo.

Bukit Cinta

Initially, this tourist spot did not have a name at all. Just because many people come with their lovers just to chat and take pictures, this hill is called the Hill of Love. Coupled with beautiful sea views, as well as a romantic atmosphere. So, it's incomplete if you come to this place alone. Bukit Cinta Labuan Bajo is located on the plains of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, West Flores. The location is about 10 minutes north from the center of Labuan Bajo City or the airport. Travel can be done using two-wheeled vehicles and four. Arriving at the foot of the hill, tourists must walk up to the top to enjoy the various beautiful views presented at the location. The hike can take 20 – 30 minutes. Hills of love are found in various regions in Indonesia. All of them have the theme of a romantic and natural atmosphere at a height with amazing views.

Batu Cermin

It's true that Labuan Bajo is well-known for its marine tourism. You can certainly go on this natural trip, though. By exploring this unusual cave, your journey to Labuan Bajo will seem complete. The splendor of sunshine shining through the fissures will greet you as you enter this cave. It is this light that reflects off the wall in a similar manner to how light does so off a mirror. Theodore Verhoven, a Dutch clergyman and archaeologist, made the initial discovery of Mirror Stone Cave in 1951. This cave was once below sea level before rising to the land's surface. It is hardly surprising that this cave contains sea animal fossils. This popular tourist destination has a height of roughly 75 meters and a 19-hectare surface area. Many visitors arrive in order to demonstrate that walls do, in fact, reflect light like mirrors. Because there is a lot of salt in the cave walls, they reflect light like mirrors.

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Komodo Tour From Bali 3D/2N Itinerary:

Day 01: Labuan Bajo - Kelor Island - Menjerite - Rinca Island - Kalong Island (L/D)

  • We will pick you up from your hotel at 9.00am or from the Labuan Bajo Airport. Time can be depending on your request.
  • Upon arrival at the harbor, we will sailing to Kelor Island by boat approximately spending 1 hour on the journey, where we will hike to witness the breathtaking view from the top of the island.
  • On the island, we will also go snorkeling or just swim in the crystal-clear sea water. 
  • On the boat, lunch will be provided.
  • After that, head straight to Menjerite to go snorkeling again.
  • We will travel to Rinca island after snorkeling in Menjerite (lunch will be given on the boat).
  • Spend roughly two hours exploring Rinca Island to witness Komodo Dragons and other exotic species as Timor deer, monkeys, water buffalo, etc.
  • We will spend some time at Kalong Island in the afternoon to observe the fruit bats that emerge from the mangrove vegetation and to take in the sunset.
  • Our boat will then move to a safe location so we may spend the night there. 
  • Dinner and a night spent at sea

Day 02: Padar Island - Komodo Island - Pink Beach - Manta Point - Labuan Bajo (B/L)

  • Today, our trekking will begin at six in the morning, and we'll be back to the boat about eight thirty. 
  • Our boat will continue sailing to our next destination, Komodo Island, after spending time at Padar Island. 
  • We will explore Komodo Island on foot in order to witness the Komodo Dragon and other wild species like timor deer, wild boar, wild buffalo, etc.
  • The lunch will be served on the boat as we proceed directly to Pink Beach. 
  • You will spend time here snorkeling and resting on the wonderful, clean beach because Pink Beach is a great place to do so. 
  • After Pink Beach, we'll travel to Manta Point, which will be our final destination.
  • The only location where snorkelers can try their luck seeing manta rays is at Manta Point. and we'll be here for approximately an hour.
  • The trip back to Labuan Bajo will thereafter take roughly three hours by boat.
  • When you get to Labuan Bajo, we'll take you back to your accommodation, and the tour will be over. 

Day 03: Punca Waringin - Bukit Cinta Hill - Batu Cermin - Komodo Airport (B/L)

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Do city tour by visiting Batu Cermin or Mirror stone cave.
  • Transfer to airport.
  • Cath flight back to Bali.
  • Arrive in Bali, we will transfer to hotel.

Komodo Tour From Bali 3D/2N Inclusive:

  • Land and sea arrangement service.
  • 1 night accommodation on the boat.
  • Full board meals: 1x breakfast, 2x lunches and 1x dinner.
  • Coffee, tea, and mineral water.
  • Park admission and park ranger service.
  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • Camera fee and donations.
  • Mosquito lotion.
  • English speaking tour guide.
What to bring?
  • Extra money for soft drinks.
  • Sun cream or sunblock.