9 Days 8 Nights Flores Tour and Komodo National Park Tour

9 Days 8 Nights Flores Tour and Komodo National Park Tour is one of tour package which cover most of whole popular destination in Flores and Komodo National Park.

This tour package will include the most magnificent and stunning places such as Wuring Village, Ledalero Museum, Koka Beach, Kelimutu Lake, Riung 17 Island National Park, Naru Village, Bena Village, Aimere, Cepi Watu Beach, Rana Mese Lake, Ruteng Pu'u, Lingko Cara, Mirror Stone Cave, Kelor Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Komodo Island, and Pink Beach.

Places of interest in Flores Island and Komodo National Park:

Wuring Village: It is a Bajo village originating from Sulawesi because of its journey, and arrived at Maumere and settled to build a village.
Because this village is a member of the Bajo tribe, almost 99% of them embrace Islam. Almost all residents of Wuring village earn their living as fishermen.

Ledalero Museum or Museum Blikon Blewut: Museum owned by St. High Seminary Paulus Ledalero (Flores) is indeed unique. The uniqueness of this museum lies precisely in its collections, ranging from pre-historical cultural tools Palaeolithicum (old stone), Mesolithicum (middle stone), Neolithicum (young stone), Bronze, Precious Stone, and fossil - fossil Fauna and Flora to the collections of the cultures of the people of Flores and NTT in the contemporary era, which were collected and discovered by the first SVD missionaries who had interests and professions in the fields of ethnology / ethnography and linguistics and anthropology - culture.

Koka Beach: It is a pristine beach which is located not far from the border between Maumere and Ende. The sand of the beach is white and the water is also clear.

Jopu Village: It is one of a traditional village in Ende.

Kelimutu Lake: It is a three-color lake located below the foot of the Kelimutu volcano.

Riung 17 Island National Park: It is one of the marine parks in Indonesia. This marine park is a cluster of small and large islands extending from Toro Padang to the west to Pangsar Island in the east. To reach this area, visitors must pass through a winding hill road and narrow asphalt that rises and falls on the edge of a cliff.

Naru Village: It is one of the villages in the Bajawa sub-district, Ngada district, East Nusa Tenggara province. This village is one of 17 villages and villages in the Ngada sub-district.
This village has a population of mostly Flores. Most of the population are farmers. In this village the mining products are mountain rocks.

Bena Village: It is one of the megalithic villages located in Ngada District, East Nusa Tenggara. The village is located on a hilltop with a view of Mount Inerie. Its existence under the mountain is a characteristic of the old people of mountain worship as a place of the gods. According to the inhabitants of this village, they believed in the existence of Yeta, a god who had a throne on this mountain that protected their village.
This village currently consists of approximately 40 houses surrounding each other.

Ranamese Lake: It is a lake located in Golo Loni Village, East Manggarai. This lake seemed to hide the mystery that was reluctant to reveal. Ranamese Lake is surrounded by tropical rainforest which makes this lake more natural and fresh.

Ruteng Pu’u village: It is located in Golo Dukal Village, an old village with a round courtyard surrounded by neatly arranged stones and in the middle of the village there is a Compang (altar / altar) as a place to lay offerings during traditional ceremonies. Mbaru Gendang, the house where each residence and place to store gongs and drums is located in the middle of the village. It is surrounded by rindang trees (haju Ruteng) so that the ancestors named it Beo Ruteng Pu'u. Three water sources flank it, Wae Lideng, Wae Moro, and Wae Namut.

Lingko Cara: It is a spider web rice field which located in Cancar sub-district and on the way between Ruteng and Labuan Bajo.

Rinca Island: It is part of Komodo National Park and the home of Komodo Dragons.

Komodo Island: It is part of Komodo National and real habitant of Komodo Dragons.

Pink Beach: It is a red sandy beach which lies at Komodo Island


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9 Days 8 Nights Flores Tour and Komodo National Park Tour Itinerary:

Day 01

– Pick up at the airport in Ende or Maumere and check in hotel for overnight.
– Do city sightseeing tour.

Day 02

– Breakfast at the hotel.
– Visit Wuring village as the fishing village in Ende.
– After that visit Ledalero Museum which contain of woven ikat collections and gemstone.
– Visit Koka beach for leisure time and swimming.
– Lunch will be served at recommended restaurant.
– After that visit Jopu Traditional Village.
– Drive to Moni as the closest accommodation to reach Kelimutu.
– Check in hotel at Moni and hotel non air-conditioner because of the mountainous area so the weather is always cold.

Day 03

– Early morning call from the receptionist to continue visit Kelimutu three color lakes.
– A short in time 30 minutes walk to take you to look out for waiting the sunrise display.
– Kelimutu is known as the three colors lake which consist of Turquoise, Brown, and Black.
– After visited Kelimutu lake take back to the accommodation.
– Have a breakfast at the hotel.
– Continue the journey through marvelous lanscape from Ende to Riung.
– After a long drive from Ende, we will stop at Penga Jawa Green Stone Beach.
– Journey from Ende to Riung is a journey from south coast to north coast of Flores Island.
– On this trip from Ende to Riung, you may feel bumpy because of the damaged roads.
– Check in and Overnight at Pondok SVD accommodation.

Day 04

– Have a breakfast at the accommodation.
– Get a boat to take to Riung 17 Island National Park, on this site number of species of fish, corals can be found.
– Stop at the island as the habitant of flying foxes or natural bats which hanging on the mangrove trees.
– We provide snorkeling gear such snorkel, mask and fins for your snorkeling activity.
– Lunch will be served at remote island.
– Get the leisure time for the rest of the day on the return to Riung.
– Overnight at Pondok SVD accommodation.

Day 05

– Have a breakfast at the accommodation.
– Drive from Riung to Bajawa.
– En route we will stop at Mangeruda hot spring for leisure time and take a bath.
– Lunch will be served at local recommended restaurant.
– The journey will continue to visit Naru Village.
– After that lead to Wogo Traditional Village.
– Check in hotel and overnight at Bajawa.

Day 06

– Have a breakfast at the accommodation.
– Drive to Bena Village, it is a megalithic stones village.
– From Bena Village you will also can witness the stunning panoramic of Mount Inerie.
– Lunch will be served at local recommended restaurant.
– The journey will continue to visit Aimere to see how the way to process traditional liquor or locals called arak or sopi.
– After that lead Cepi Watu beach to leisure and see the beach which has uniqueness with mass of stones.
– After that we will continue travel to Rana Mese Lake by driving through village, hills, and forest.
– Visit Rana Mese lake which located far from the resident and surrounded by green tropical rain-forest.
– Check in hotel and overnight at Ruteng.

Day 07

– Have a breakfast at the accommodation.
– Drive to Ruteng Pu'u traditional house of Manggarai or locals called Mbaru Gendang as the home of customary leader.
– Drive to Lingko Cara which is spider web rice field shape and locals always called Lodok.
– Lunch will be served at local recommended restaurant.
– Drive to Labuan Bajo through rice field, villages, hills, and forest.
– Upon arrival at Labuan Bajo will visit Mirror stone cave or Batu Cermin.
– Check in an overnight at the hotel.

Day 08

– Have a breakfast at the accommodation.
– Drive to Labuan Bajo port.
– Sail with small phinisi wooden boat to Kelor Island to see the magnificent view of this island and the ocean.
– Sail to Rinca Island and do hiking 1.5 hours accompanied by ranger to see Komodo Dragons in the real habitant.
– Lunch will be served onboard.
– Sail to Padar Island to do hiking to the to of the island experience the extraordinary lanscape and very unique.
– Dinner and overnight on the boat.

Day 09

– Have a breakfast onboard.
– Sail to Komodo Island, do hiking for 1.5 hours accommpany by ranger to see Komodo Dragon in the real habitant on Komodo Island.
– Sail to Pink Beach over tropical blue ocean.
– Do snorkeling at Pink Beach to experience fabulous underwater view.
– Snorkel, masker, and fins provided by our team.
– Lunch will be served onboard.
– Sail back to Labuan Bajo.
– Drive to airport to fly to next destination.

9 Days 8 Nights Flores Tour and Komodo National Park Tour:

  • Land and sea arrangement service.
  • 8 nights accommodation.
  • Full board meals: 8x breakfast, 9x lunches and 8x dinner.
  • Coffee, tea, and mineral water.
  • Park admission and park ranger service.
  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • Snorkeling activity and complete equipment.
  • Camera fee and donations.
  • Mosquito lotion.
  • English speaking tour guide.
What to bring?
  • Extra money for soft drinks.
  • Sun cream or sunblock.