Komodo Tour Package - The Komodo National Park Tours

The Komodo National Park is definitely one of the top tourist destinations in the world and especially in Indonesia. The Komodo National Park which has an icon that is the Komodo dragon is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists to see up close what the shape of the Komodo dragon looks like. Even so many tourists who are willing to pour out a lot of money just to visit this Komodo national park that many know that there are 2 large islands that are the original habitat of the Komodo dragon and guaranteed you will definitely see it, these are Rinca Island and Komodo Island.

Crowds of people came and spent their money to visit this place, but it was not a useless thing. Because, in addition to seeing the Komodo dragon, the national park also turns out to be a very beautiful natural landscape. Other small islands and beautiful and radiant beaches make visitors more enchanted. Not only that, the attraction of the sea around the Komodo National Park is very rich in the beauty of coral reefs and various types of fish that lure tourists to come and come back here.

So, for tourists who love sea life will get or explore more experiences during holidays in this place. Because the Komodo National Park consists of clusters islands and sea.  The main transportation to reach from one island to another is to use phinisi or speed boats. You must have imagined that if you were on a phinisi ship and you were alone with your partner on the tour. Then you would have imagined that you would be in a titanic ship in the famous movie, aha would sound very romantic. Coupled with the beauty of the islands, beaches and sea, because during the crossing or cruise you will go through the sea, beautiful small islands make the trip more enjoyable and not feel tired.

Are you curious about the charm of the Komodo National Park? Or have you ever come and want to come again? So what are you waiting for. Come join us, because we have created various types of Komodo tour package that usually many people order according to our previous experience. To come on vacation to the Komodo National Park we are ready to help you facilitate your trip and realize your dream to see the Komodo dragon and the natural beauty and beautiful and captivating marine life. To achieve your willing we have create many kinds of Komodo tour package with us