Rangko Cave - A Private Swimming Pool In Labuan Bajo

Posted by HiroPen on Aug 17 2019
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At present the need for trips for the people of Indonesia or foreign tourist is greatly increasing, especially for some people who live in urban areas whose daily activities have to struggle with the busy work and frenetic city. Escaping to a tourist spot for a moment to feel the silence outside the capital is a tantalizing choice. But of course it will be a little disappointing when the expected atmosphere is not found because the place visited was filled with people - the same people looking for escape from all routines.

Rangko Cave - Reach use boat

If you are looking for a quiet and unspoiled tourist spot, try to visit Rangko Cave or locals called Goa Rangko which is located in Rangko Village, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara which can be accessed from Labuan Bajo with about 1 hour's drive. A Cave, which is often also called Crocodile cave or locals called Goa Buaya, although there are no crocodiles found around it, can be used as an alternative tour after or before visiting the Komodo National Park.

Rangko Cave - Relaxing moment for tourist

Rangko Cave is like a private swimming pool that offers silence for anyone who stops by to feel the freshness of the water in it. The water contained in the cave is salt water. The water is sourced from sea water, this is because there are cavities or fissures that connect the pond in the cave with the high seas. The upper part of Rangko Cave is full of beautiful stalactite ornaments with various irregular shapes. The good, there are no bats like in caves in general, so the quiet atmosphere will be increasingly felt by visitors who come to this Rangko cave. If you want to visit Rangko Cave, it is better to leave as early as possible from Labuan Bajo, because the right time to enjoy the natural beauty of this location is at 12:00 to 14:00, where at that time the sunlight will enter the cave pit and can help lighting inside the cave, so that the blue private pool of Rangko Cave can also be seen.

Rangko Cave - Private pool form

To achieve this, visitors can take a boat. Rangko Cave is still rarely visited by tourists because indeed there is not much information discussing this tourist attraction, plus there is no transportation support specifically for the visit to Ranko cave. Therefore, for those of you who want to find tranquility while relaxing in the natural pool of Rangko Cave, this destination can be added to your next holiday destination list.


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